2020-2021 UIL Lincoln-Douglas Debate Season Subscription

2020-2021 UIL Lincoln-Douglas Debate Season Subscription

  • $ 50.00

Perfect for the squad that just competes in UIL Lincoln Douglas debate, our season subscription is a great value:

  • Why buy LD books that recycle the same tired cards over and over again? We cut each card on the topic, ensuring the best book you can buy.
  • An exceptional value at $75 for the whole season; you can also order individual issues for $40/each.
  • Let the other companies send you books padded with backfiles from philosophy files–Big Sky Debate Lincoln Douglas Briefs focus on delivering you briefs on the actual topic.
  • Issues average over 50 pages, exploring all of the issues related to the topic–on both sides.
  • Shipped in both PDF and Word format for maximum flexibility.

PURCHASE BEFORE June 1, 2020, before we lock in 2020-2021 pricing for the season!