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Offering excellent debate materials since 2001, Big Sky Debate is a small-but-responsive handbook shop with an excellent track record of affordable materials, excellent research and responsive customer service.

What is the Big Sky Difference?

  • The Best Positions...Written with Fresh Evidence: Big Sky Debate writes positions that are ready to run in rounds. Our uniqueness cards are the most recent, our links are specific–not generics from backfiles. We are committed to writing positions that students can feel confident running in rounds.
  • Personal Response...Contact Us With Feedback or Questions: If you have a question, complaint, request, or even compliment, we will respond as soon as possible. We want to write our briefs in a way that benefits you the most. Want to see something in the handbooks? Just ask, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.
  • Exception Value...The Best Value in Debate Handbooks Anywhere: We have both coached for programs with limited budgets, and know how difficult it can be to afford quality debate material. We are confident that you will find Big Sky Debate to be the most affordable product available on the market today.
  • Institute Responses...The Freshest Evidence: Instead of writing our material while the topic is still fluid, Big Sky Debate writes its case negative in response to the summer institute positions. As as result, you get the most useful evidence, with the latest citations.
  • High Quality... Coach Written: The buck stops here. All of our cases, positions, and briefs are written by us–no work by students at camp, no hired research.
  • Community. We Want to Grow Debate: Big Sky Debate is committed to giving back to the community. Each year, we provide materials free of charge or at reduced cost to programs in need of support. Debate has meant a lot to us–and we believe it is important to keep debate strong.

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